IHeat Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heater AHS27-D

$1,180.00 $599.00

The IHeat Tankless Water Heater model AHS27-D is known to be the most dependable and easy to operate tankless water heater. The AHS27-D can deliver enough hot water for homes with more than 3-1/2 bathrooms in the warmer climate areas with inlet water temperatures above 54°F. The AHS27-D can be installed in the same location your current water heater is installed now. Since the AHS27-D is electric there is no need for costly venting. 

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Warranty Information

5-Years on Heat Exchanger due to leaks / 3- Years on electrical Components / 1- Year heating elements

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 19.50 × 19.50 × 6 in


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