IHeat Electric Tankless Water Heater Model S-14

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5-Years on Heat Exchanger due to leaks / 3- Years on electrical Components / 1- Year heating elements

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The IHeat Electric Tankless Water Heater Model S-14 has the capacity of heating 3 Gallons per minute which is the equivalent to  2 showers (@ 1.5 gallons per minute each) , or 1 Shower and  3 sinks (@ .50 Gallons Per Minute each ) simultaneously, or any combination which equals to 3.0 GPM. The S-14 can handle these applications in the warmer climates of the US which are, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, California, Alabama, and Mississippi. Anything north of these States the Model S-14 can be used for point of use, or 2-3 applications at a time equaling 3 GPM . A good rule of thumb is if you live in the southern states mentioned here the S-14 can power a 1-3 bedroom 1-2 bathroom home, including dishwasher and clothes washer, please keep in mind that tankless water heaters are designed to heat incoming water at a maximum output temperature based on simultaneous use and inlet water temperatures. So if your demand for hot water decreases your output water temperatures will increase, as well as if you live in the colder states this S-14 will heat less volume of water, this will cause the S-14 to be used in Point of Use applications in the colder climates.



Model S-14
Design Real Time Modulation
Current Single Phase 60/50 Hz
220-240v 14kW / 59amps /  220-240v
Rec breaker GFCI 60
Recommended wire size AWG# 6-2
Min Activation flow rate 0.5/2
Weight 7.5
Dims (Height/Width/Depth) in/(cm) 11.5″ (29) / 7.7″ (20) / 3.5″ (9)
Max PSI 150 PSI
Water Connections 1/2″ COMP
Water Proof IXP4



Pool House
3-2 bedroom Homes in the warmer climates



New Digital display with Celsius & Fahrenheit options.
Heat Exchangers are 100% stainless steel to avoid corrosion
Easy grip fittings on inlet and outlet for ease of installation
New flow technology
Advanced Power Modulation through Micro-Processor
Fire Proof Steel Enclosure



Save up to 60% on Hot water heating cost
Save Valuable Space
No tank needed
Small enough to be installed anywhere hot water is needed
ASTM 304 Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
Endless Supply of Hot Water!

Installation Diagram:

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 7.7 × 11.5 in


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